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  • OutWest Baseball Shor-T

    The Shor-T extends from 14" to 21" and is used for practicing the lower zone. At just under 5 pounds, our batting tee is lightweight, durable, and great for both baseball and softball. The construction of our tee has been developed with the user in mind from the tee's base, all the way to the tee's top.

    Base: No weight needed! Lightweight - Durable - Flexible

    Stem (14" - 21" variable length) : Add a Custom Team/ Personal Logo

    • Comes in its raw aluminum form or a color of your choosing from the selections above. 

    Top: Long-lasting & Sturdy 

    • Slightly larger diameter for proper seating of a softball



    If you add a custom logo to your tee, you must purchase at least four tees for $119 each.