About Us

Justin & Del Erlandson

We are a father and son team from Beaverton, Oregon. Together, we created the OutWest Baseball brand and our signature batting tees.

After Justin had been hitting off of many batting tees that were bulky, stiff, weak, or needed extra weights, we decided to make a batting tee that would best anything on the market!

"There had to be a better Tee.  One that didn't tip over all the time and didn't need weights to hold it in place. With endless opportunities for testing and a love for inventing, we designed one prototype after another. Finally, we had a tee we were proud of: The OutWest Baseball Batting Tee.  It has has been rigorously tested, thoroughly abused, and carefully refined to be the BEST Batting Tee on the market for any level of the game." - Del

"My baseball life has taken me to the State High School Finals, (Bend HS) then to the (NJCAA) World Series, (Scottsdale CC).  From there to Win the NCAA Division I Western Athletic Conference Championship with (Utah Valley Univ) earning us a seat in the NCAA Division I National Baseball Tournament. From there on to professional baseball with the Uitica Unicorns of the USPBL.  Every practice, every game, my OutWest Baseball batting tee has been in my bag all along the way." - Justin

Let us make you a custom batting tee, just like the one Evan Longoria and Adam Eaton use every day. Whether you're a player, or Mom & Dad, giving this tee as a gift, we are confident it will improve batting skills and be a vital part of training everyday.

Thank you for visiting and your support. 


Del and Justin Erlandson