About Outwest Tees!

Outwest Baseball hand makes the most durable and ONLY full custom Hitting Tee on the market. 

All of our materials were selected to ensure that our customers would receive the highest quality of hitting tee. 

Our thick rubber base makes it hard for hitters to knock it over and does not require any additional weights to keep it up. The textured bottom helps the Tee grip to any surface (hardwood, Dirt, Turf). 

The aluminum pipe is hand crafted to be light weight & durable. Weighing in at only 6lbs, the Outwest Baseball Tee, travels easy. 

We decided to create full custom tees because, why not? We strive to do the most for our customers. From our 10+ color options, to our ability to tailor the tee anyway you'd like it, all while keeping durability the top priority, we are the company wanting to do the most for YOU!