About Outwest Tees!

Thank you for checking us out and choosing to learn more about us.

My name is Jackson Overlund and I am the owner of Outwest Baseball. As a former college baseball player, I can remember a lot of times where I was having a hard time finding a good Tee to use. The Tees I was choosing from were either broken somehow and wouldn’t telescope, the tops were busted so a ball couldn’t have been placed on it, they needed a weight to keep them from falling over no matter good or bad contact and they were just chunks of plastic & metal. 

With our Tees, I am proud to be able to offer durable Tees that can be fully customized and no weights are needed to keep it up. The way the Tees are designed allow you to focus more on hitting when you’re in the cages. With our “Shorty”, hitters can practice the low ball with ease. 

Throughout my college playing career and a few years as a coach, I learned a lot about the game of baseball. On this website, I will be posting blogs with some tips that I learned in my career as well as sharing information I have learned from coaches I played for. Hope they are of good use for you and others you share it with!