Be More Consistent With Quality At Bats (QAB’s)

Be More Consistent With Quality At Bats (QAB’s)

Need some help with consistency at the plate? 

Simplify it.Focusing on having QAB’s, will help you feel more confident and relaxed at the plate. First things first, there are 8 different ways to have a successful QAB. 

1.) Hard Contact- Any hard hit ball is a positive. 

2.) Getting a Hit- This is an obvious one. 

3.) Advance a Runner(Under 2 outs)- Moving a runner into scoring position with less than two outs, sets your team up for success to score. 

4.) Any RBI-  Any kind of RBI is of course considered a Quality-At-Bat. 

5.) Successful Bunt or H&R-  Being successful in this category can give help your team produce runs in a pinch. .

6.) Walk-  Getting on base helps your team win. 

7.) Hit By Pitch- Any way to get runners on will be a QAB. 

8.) 7+ Pitch At-Bat- More pitches, more problems. Making the pitcher throw 7+ pitches during an at bat gives an offense a slight advantage.

A good amount of players get caught up in the shiny stats. Getting caught up in that can come with some extreme highs and lows, making you a spotty hitter. Focusing on having QAB’s, will help with consistency and power numbers. Get up there, take a deep breath and get a QAB. 

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