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Our Story

del-justin-artichokes-.jpgOur Story begins during my Junior year of High School in Bend, Oregon. I was approaching an important playoff game and, by routine, I wanted to dial in my swing with some tee work. My father, Del Erlandson, was always by my side when I needed someone to work with and was a crucial asset when I needed help making adjustments. So, we headed to our local baseball facility, to get in the batting cage, where we began hitting off of a tee. It wasn’t long before the hard, rubbery, yellow tee I was hitting off of got on my nerves and conversation soon turned to how annoying it is to hit with such a tee.

Finally, we had complained about picking up the tee from falling over for the last time and the idea was born through the words, “we could make a better tee than this!” It wasn’t long before my dad and I were in our living room, staying up far into the early morning, discussing our ideas for a better tee. We took our ideas and went to work in our small, one-car garage, developing our tee from scratch. With a great deal of trial-and-error and years of perfecting our product, we are now able to provide YOU with “The best tee on the market:” The OutWest Baseball Tee.

We are a family with a long history of baseball. From my father growing up watching the 69’ cubs play at Wrigley Field, to my baseball career stretching from 6th grade to present. Over the years, we have compiled an abundant source of knowledge to apply toward creating the OutWest Baseball Tee. We understand how important it is to have a bating tee that doesn’t hinder a hitter’s experience while working on his/her swing. In our opinion, the tee should never get in the way of a hitter; a hitter should only be focused on the adjustments he/she is trying to make.

At Outwest Baseball, we are devoted to helping baseball and softball players improve their skills by providing them with the highest quality products on the market. We want to ensure that your experience with tee work is never frustrating, but focused on constructing a swing that will help you step into the batter’s box with confidence!


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