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Don't Make These Mistakes When Hitting Off A Tee!

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6765045.jpgHitting off a tee seems pretty straightforward. Put a ball on the tee, set up, and swing away. However, if you want toprogress faster and become superior amongst your competition, there is a lot more that goes into tee work. We have all heard that "practice makes perfect" right? But, what about "perfect practice makes perfect?" While I agree that any practice is better than no practice at all, many young hitters make these mistakes when hitting with a tee that, in the long run, may slow their progression towards greatness.

1. Trying to hit the ball too far

Tee work isnot about how hard or far you can hit the ball. Tee work is about making adjustments in your swing that will allow you to produce better results during games. Your swing should be controlled and focused during tee work and your mindset should not be result oriented. Ultimately, mastering your swing on the tee can lead to an ability of command in the batters box. 

2. Practicing without purpose

A successful hitter has a plan before stepping into the batter's box each at bat. Tee work should be no different. Before each swing, have a plan of what you are trying to accomplish. Your plan may be as simple as hitting every ball into the back net of the cage. You can work on hitting a pitch in a specific location (one of the many advantages to tee work). Your plan can be as simple as adjusting one part of your swing; set goals. Have something you are going to work on and try to accomplish. Don't go about tee work mindlessly, or else your just going to be as good as you were yesterday. Practicing with purpose leads to daily progression, not daily repetition. 

3. Trying to make too many adjustments

Hitting is hard. Many would agree that it is the hardest thing to do in all of sports. What's my point? Perfecting your swing takes time. You can't expect to go into tee work and fix many different flaws in one day. The best hitters in the MLB are still making adjustments to their swings; it's a process that doesn't happen overnight. When hitting off a tee, focus on one adjustment at a time. This will allow you to clearly see the effect an adjustment makes. 

Fix these common mistakes and you will start to see even better results from taking swings off a tee!

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